December 20, 2012

I don't usually write posts like this...

Yes, I am back.  Finally.  And feeling better for the most part.

But in all honesty, it's not just being sick that has hindered my blogging this week.  I am still haunted by the events that have occurred in our nation over the last week.  I can't even begin to wrap my mind around the terror that has taken place.  I can't allow myself to think about it too much or for too long because then I feel paralyzed and want to weep.

We are in dire need of something [SOMEONE] greater than us. 

Lately, I have been reading a book titled "Everything" by Mary DeMuth.  She writes about living a life that is wholly and completely surrendered to God.  Not just putting Him into a part of our routines, or limiting His abilities to when we think it's convenient.  Instead by surrendering everything, we learn to trust that He will take care of us, and only then can we live the truly free life that He intends for us.

It is a personal choice to do that everyday.  To give up all acts of selfishness, frustration, and even things that may not seem so bad and allowing Christ to be the center of our everything.  Not holding on to any fears, past mistakes, or future doubts.  But instead living a truly joyful and free life serving Him. 

Our nation needs to remember this kind of surrender.  To turn back to the Lord and allow Him to fight for us and lead us.  But it doesn't have to start with government.  It starts with you.  It starts with me.  By living this way others around us will notice.  Sure we may get criticized and made fun of.  So what.  After everything, it doesn't really seem like that should matter anymore.  But change starts one person at a time.

Until then, all we can do is trust the Lord and pray for those around us and the leaders in our country.  And never, ever, ever take for granted the people who have so purposefully been placed in our lives.  Love on them and never let a single moment go to waste.


  1. So true, Jenn. He is the {only} way, the truth and the light.

  2. This is a beautiful post. I'm right there with you...haunted by this heartwrenching tragedy and find myself talking to God a lot about my confusion... I can't wrap my head around it at all.

    There really are no words, and all we can do is pray.

  3. love this post, and so perfect for this season during which we celebrate christ :)


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