about me

Hi, I'm Jenn.  Wife to Nick, mother to Adelyn Rose, and dog mom to Brinkley.  We have been married for 4 years, lived in 4 states, journeyed our way across the country and back, and are thankful for the great adventures we've been able to experience.  However, it has come with its fair share of ups and downs and it is no where near the pinterest or picture perfect life that people like to portray.  
Insert Jesus. 
I need Him and His grace as I walk this journey and season of life. I am here to talk about real things.  The real journey of being a mommy and even a wife, the hard moments, the precious, dear and good moments, what Jesus is teaching me and how I prayerfully hope to encourage you through the lessons that I am daily learning.  I do not lead the perfect life, but I do know that I am incredibly blessed.  I feel called to share my story with you and I pray that you see grace, encouragement, and a genuineness when you come here.  This blog is a safe place.  After all, we are all saved by grace and Lord knows we need it- at least I do! 


  1. Such a pretty wedding picture! And cute blog too :)

  2. so glad to have found your blog today! you all are a beautiful couple!
    i will actually be there in sunny southern california tomorrow and through thanksgiving! yay!

  3. What a sweet picture! Thanks for following along! Following back! Cute, cute blog!


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