December 31, 2016


I've been praying and really thinking hard about what my goals for this next year will look like.  2016 rocked my world, in hard and good ways.  I learned so much and I feel like I had to "grow up" more this year than ever before.  That being said, it's really prompted me to want to make the most of my time.  I've prayed and asked God to guide me as I make goals for this next year; asking Him to give me a vision of what He wants this next year to look like, and He has faithfully answered me with one word:


I feel very strongly that I want to simplify my home, my time, my relationships, my spending, my commitments, and even my food choices.  What a way to live!  Knowing that it's okay to say no to something and not feel bad about it.  Teaching my children that things do not matter the way that relationships and God do.  Showing my kids what a healthy lifestyle looks like from the inside out.  Before I could ever teach that, I need to be living that.

I have felt the urge to purge for the last few months and I can hardly wait to get started.  So without further ado...  

2017 Goals

  • do a whole house purge- this will include: clothes, shoes, bedding, hall closets, mudroom, bathrooms, garage, holiday decorations, kitchen, bedrooms, pantry, toys
  • do a 60 day sugar fast
  • run a 5k post-baby
  • take a weekend vacation with no kids
  • have 1 (or more) social media-free weekend/ month
  • read 15 books
  • have a mother-daughter overnight trip with my mom
  • join a gym
  • have friends/ neighbors over for dinner at least once a month
  •  follow the envelope system by Dave Ramsey
  • do swim lessons with Addy
  • commit to the young adults ministry at church

I am excited to see where 2017 will take me and my family.  Here's to a fresh start and a new year!


October 24, 2016

Pumpkin Patch

I have been wanting to go to the pumpkin patch so bad all month!  But it's rained almost everyday this October and I didn't really want to go out when it was really wet and it was super important to Nick that he was there too.  So when we had a break from the rain for a few days, we took full advantage and headed out to Sauvie Island and spent a few hours at the pumpkin patch!  I think everyone had the same idea, because it was so packed.  When we were leaving there was a line of cars over 3 miles to get into the parking lot!

It was still pretty muddy so we were careful to watch Addy while we were out in the pumpkin field.  The line for the hayride was super long, and even though we thought Addy would like it, we also knew there was a good chance she may not even care or understand.  So we opted to walk out to the patch instead.  We were practically chasing Addy and holding her hand so tight so she wouldn't fall in the mud- which she only did once ;).  She went crazy over the pigs in the petting zoo, and lately she is obsessed with airplanes so whenever one flew by we had to stop and watch it.  I just love this stage that Addy is in- she is so fun and talking so much more and we are loving seeing her little personality!  I love how these pictures capture how goofy and sweet she is.  We are absolutely smitten. :)

Anyway, it was a really fun day and I'm so glad we were finally able to do something Fall-ish.  :)
Happy Monday! 


October 4, 2016

October Goals

Aren't you thankful you live in a world where there are Octobers?!  I mean seriously, who doesn't love all things Fall and being able to bake, drink hot tea, go to the pumpkin patch and anything else that just totally screams "Hello October!".  Life has been slightly chaotic lately with Nick traveling nearly everyday of the week through the end of the year.  We get to see him on weekends (and a weeknight or two if we're lucky!), so we adjust life so that we can make the most of it.  It leaves me feeling incredibly grateful for our time together and watching him love on our sweet Addy girl.

Because we don't get to see him that much, in the time that we do get together we are trying to make the most of it.  Be intentional.  Intentional is a word I've been heavily thinking about lately.  Making the most of each moment, not waiting until it's too late.  This includes health, reading, rest, parenting, marriage, finances, the list could go on.  So with that, here are some goals I have for this beautiful month.

October goals:
  • Finish Addy's baby album
  • Read His Needs, Her Needs + 1 novel
  • Have a weekly date with Nick
  • Take Addy to the pumpkin patch
  • Continue weekly family Sabbaths
  • Host a dinner
  • Workout 3+ times/week
  • Phase grains out of diet
  • Catch up on Addy's baby journal
 Make it count dear friends!


October 3, 2016

Seasons of Change

I just love this time of year.  Cool, crisp mornings, pumpkin spice, baking, apples, leaves changing, decorating, football, pumpkin patches, and the anticipation of the holidays right around the corner.  It's such a cozy season, full of excitement and change.  And because this is a time full of changing and shifting, I've decided to change and reintroduce this little blog.  I have felt prompted for a couple of months to really start diving into blogging again.  However, I was feeling unsure why or what to write about, so I decided to pray about it and not start anything until I had a clearer vision of what I want to say.  Or rather what I'm supposed to say.

I have undergone change in my personal life like you would not believe in the last 6 months.  I suppose trials and challenges will do that to a person.  I am continually reminded that God does not give us more than we can take and never presents us with something until He knows we are ready.  And He always, ALWAYS provides a safe place to land amidst those hard times.  I am unsure as to how in detail I will go on the internet with some of the things I have dealt with, but I do know that I want to be real with you.  I want to be me.  I want to share what is on my heart.  It will not always be heavy.  But it will be real.  The real journey of what it's like to be a mom, a wife, a woman in this world, a child of God, basically whatever is on my heart and what I am learning.  I want to share those things with you.   I may include my new favorite recipe, what we are doing and learning as a family, maybe my current workout routine, or our little family adventures.  Whatever I choose to write about, it will be a reflection of true life and hopefully something you can relate to.  

I do think I have a story to share.  My life is not exciting, but I have had some fun adventures.  My life is not depressing, but I have been in the deep valleys too.  My life is full of hope, loaded with laughter, spent serving my daughter, husband and King, plenty in friendships, and yet probably looks pretty ordinary.  But you guys, it's enough.  I would not be who I am if I did not have past experiences, and I would never trade my sweet, simple life for any other one.    

As seasons change, life shifts, and things happen, let's share and encourage each other.