January 15, 2013

Static-y hair and dry skin

That is probably the worst title for a post.  'scuse me for that one.

It has been so cold here lately.  Well as cold as SoCal can get.  But I think you'd be surprised.  It's dipping into the upper 20's at night and there is a frigid wind that seems to have planted itself right here in the valley and is going to stay for a while.  I'm not complaining though.  What better excuse is there to cuddle up under some blankets with hubby and turn on the fireplace that we rarely get to use?

I do have one question for all of you experienced with dry, cold air.  Is it normal for hair to be static-y and for your hands to be dry?  Because yesterday my hand started randomly bleeding from my skin being so dry.  okay TMI!  Anyway, I hope that's normal because otherwise it sounds like I have bigger issues going on.


  1. My hair is soo static-y lately and my face is DRY, its driving me nuts. For my hair during this time of year I always just put lotion on and before my hands dry completely I just run my hands through my hair that seems to keep the static at bay for most of the day--if that doesn't help run a dryer sheet over your hair! I'm officially ready for spring!

  2. My hands have been super dry too, and I use a thick hand cream every morning and night. The staticy hair is happening too, but I usually just use a light coat of hairspray to keep things under control : )

  3. Your fireplace looks as cozy as can be! I really want to get one of those little electric fireplaces for my apartment!

  4. i totally agree. it's been way colder here than i can ever remember! cheers to real winter in socal! :)


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