February 13, 2013

How we met

People who may know Nick and I from different walks of life often think we met in a different way and different place than we really did.

Let me paint you a picture.

It was a dark night, raining actually.  Some of my girlfriends invited me over to one of the girls' boyfriend's apartment for a game night. (make sense?)  Anyway, I said yes.  We got there and started playing some cards or a board game or something along those lines.  And next thing I know a guy walks in, hat on backwards, maybe in his Sesame Street shirt, and rattling off how he needs to go to his fraternity meeting.  We briefly met and out he went.  His name, oh yes, was Nick.
Me: not impressed.
Him: apparently I made an impression.

Next day came along and there he popped up again.  All of us were hanging out at the pool and Nick was there too.  That's where we really ended up starting to talk.  We eventually wound our way into going to a baseball game together and hanging out for most of that night.
Me: he's a nice friend, never more.
Him: maybe interested in more.

Later that summer, we found out that I had actually known Nick's brother for a couple of years because I worked with him at our job on campus.  Nick got a job at the same place and was set to start once school resumed.  Before then he had asked me out to frozen yogurt to catch up on our summers and what life had been like.  Let me tell you- most awkward thing ever.  At least for me.  It seemed like it would be fine, but something had seemed super off the whole time we were hanging out.  Come to find out, he had thought I was someone else when a rumor was spread and then was no longer impressed.  (rumor was not about me he later confirmed)  Nick considers this frozen yogurt excursion a date.  To this day, I still do not.
Me: friends, friends, and only friends.
Him: I won't date her anymore!

We worked together after that for a couple of years.  We would still hangout off and on outside of work, but we were walking down different paths of life so it wasn't all the time.  We were into different things and even different people sometimes.  We would like each other off and on, but the timing was never right.
Me: friends.
Him: friends.

But one day it seemed right.  To one of us.  And let me tell you, that boy did not ever for one second give up.  He spent part of spring, an entire summer and longer pursuing me.  I don't know why or how he did it.  He asked me out and to be his girlfriend 4 different times and something just kept holding me back.  We continued hanging out and then after so long, I realized that this boy was going no where and he really did want to be with me.  The change I saw in him during that time was so intense and real, I could no longer deny it.  He pursued me and loved me with all of his heart.  Finally, I had to say yes. :)
Me: happy girl!
Him: finally! happy boy!


  1. Thank you for linking up with Kelly and I.
    This is such an adorable story.

  2. That's a cute story! Back and forth but in the right timing, it was right :) Adorable!


  3. Thanks for linking up! I love reading about how people met :-) Hope you link up with us next week!


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