February 21, 2013

Lately I'm Loving...

This stuff just gets me every time.

I have seen all of the movies a whole bunch of times, but just never read the books.  Until last week.  Now I can't stop myself and it's just too late.

My job.  I am so blessed to work with such fun people!
(only a handful are pictured here)

All things pretty.  And anything that includes a mini fruit tart- well you can just count me in.

Daydreaming.  We have some really exciting goals and plans for the next few months and I just can't help myself when it comes to dreaming about the future.

I daydream about this.

And this too.

Today we are beginning the preparation for our juice fast.  Starting tomorrow all we do is have juice (from our juicer) for every meal the next 3 days.  I've had to clean my cupboards bare to make sure no temptations are awaiting me.  Here goes nothing!  Have any of you done a juice fast before?  And did you like it?  We're pretty excited to see how it goes!


  1. I wish I could love coconut water. But I don't:( and I love coconut so it's kinda weird!

    1. I don't really like the taste of regular coconut water- it definitely has to be flavored! I like this flavor and chocolate the best! :)

  2. thats so awesome you read are reading all the harry potter books! that has been on my to do list! i have not made it past 4. I think I am a little to scared to read past the 4th book! haha

  3. I am excited to hear how your juice fast goes! I have wanted to do one for quite some time, but haven't gotten around to buying a juicer!

  4. Ok, just found your cute blog! It's darling!


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