March 8, 2013

Happy 24th!

Today is my amazing guy's birthday!  I could not be more excited to celebrate today for him!  Living with someone and constantly being around somebody really makes you learn a lot about them and about yourself.  One thing that I am continuously reminded of is how lucky I am to have such a sacrificial, loving, hard-working, dedicated, and wonderful husband.  And good grief, isn't he just so good looking?! 

Nick, I love every moment we share together and I hope that today is the best birthday you've ever had.  You absolutely deserve it more than anyone I know.  I love the silly times we share together and that we can be total dweebs and still have fun.  Life with you is anything but boring and I look forward more and more to each and every day we have together.  Love you!

Happy 24th Birthday to my best friend in the whole world! I love you, babe! :)


  1. The pic of your man in that black button up, he looks like a Cologne model or something! Ha! Happy birthday to your man. So glad you two have each other!


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