March 4, 2013

happy 6 months and the best weekend!

This weekend we had our "we've been married for 6 months" anniversary and you bet your bottom dollar that we celebrated!  We started the day off waking up and going to the hot tub.  How can you go wrong when you start a day off like that?  Then we got ready, packed our bags and headed to Laguna Beach for the day.  Probably one of the best ideas we've had yet.  It was a wonderful 80 degrees and basically perfect.

Sunday we had a picnic in the park and stared at the sky just chatting and laughing just however long that we pleased.

And in backwards order, Friday night hubs had his first church league softball game.  Can I brag for a minute?  He hit a grand slam his first time up to bat, made countless outs and was all around a team all-star.  He definitely paid for it this weekend by being sore, but you know that's just part of the fun I guess.  :)

 Hope you had a good weekend, friends and happy Monday!


  1. Happy 6 months!

    Looks like the best weekend. Love all your pictures. What I would do for a beach right now.

  2. Happy 6 months, that is too cute!! How fun that would be to just hop on over to Laguna & 80 degrees!! I must say I may be a tad jealous ;) But how fun to be able to do whatever and celebrate your love! Hope you a having a great Monday so far!!


  3. yay for six months! looked like it was a fantastic weekend. what gorgeous photos of the beach!


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