March 1, 2013

lately+friday's letters+march goals

Dear husband, oh my gosh you rock my world!  You have no idea how much I needed yesterday (okay, you probably do actually!) and the relaxing and pampering that you spoiled me with was so much appreciated.  Dear running shoes and sidewalks, it's so so good to see you again.  Dear Jamba Juice, you get me every time.  Would it be bad if I said I would probably take Jamba over Starbucks?  oops!  Dear sunshine, thanks for your warmth at the pool yesterday!  Dear Mr. Johnson, yes you get two shout-outs this time, tomorrow we celebrate being married for 6 months (already?!) and I can't wait to just spend the whole day with just us and do whatever we want.  You are my best friend and I'm one lucky lady to get to spend my whole life being with you.  I sure do love you!

March Goals:

  • read book 3 + 4 (more if I can) in the Harry Potter series
  • build up the muscles in my knee for running
  • run a 10k race
  • spend time with the Lord each morning before work
  • plan a craft and do it
  • try 3 new recipes
  • focus on photographing places I go
  • write a card to a friend

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  1. Running shoes and sidewalks are good friends of mine too! They are always there when you need them! Oh and poolside is another one of my bestfriends (; Have an amazing weekend hun ♥

  2. I would choose Jamba over Starbucks as well. So yummy.. And I am sure your friend would love getting a sweet card in the mail. I know how much it makes my day :)

  3. Harry Potter is SO GOOD! You'll get through them no problem!! I had knee problems when running too, and they were almost instantly fixed when I got fitted for shoes :)

  4. CUUUTE!!! I heart your whole post :) I think I am with you about Jamba Juice!! What was that green juice, that looks good!! Oh and your snakeskin shoes are ADORABLE!!! How sweet that your hubby gave you that relaxing day :) And Happy 6 month anniversary, that is too cute!!

    your newest follower/bloggy friend,
    Shio :)


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