March 18, 2013

The day we saw dolphins

On Sunday we decided to take a little trip out to Santa Barbara and go whale/ dolphin watching.  It was a somewhat spur of the moment trip and we weren't exactly sure what to expect.  And let's just say...we were NOT disappointed!  There were literally hundreds of dolphins swarming around our boat, and coming from someone who had never seen one before- IT. WAS. AWESOME.

We saw two different kinds of dolphins, several sea lions, and a baby gray whale.  It was totally everything I wanted it to be.  Oh, and the baby dolphins were my favorite.


  1. Oh my goodness, how stinking cute!!!! So fun!

  2. agh! baby dolphins! looks like such an amazing time!

  3. What a fantastic spur of the moment trip! I'll have to remember this for the future :)



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