May 13, 2013


Summerland is a real live place with a real live beach that has real live dolphins real close to where we were standing.  And of course Brinkley had the time of his life as you can tell by the mud mustache in the pic above.  I got a sunburn on accident, and didn't wear any make-up all day.  It was the best.  And quite possibly the icing on the cake is that we drove our new car all weekend.

It was a killer weekend I'll tell ya.


  1. Wow, that looks / sounds like the perfect getaway, Jenn! Any day that involves a beach, warm weather and no makeup is a good day!

  2. Summerland! Just like the show with Jesse McCartney?! Did you ever watch that? Ha! Looks like a completely fabulous weekend, Jen :)

    xo, Ky


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