February 19, 2014

Just a random post about farmer's markets, the beach, and love.


Forgive me for my late post on Valentine's but I was trying to do it from my phone and it wouldn't upload, so here we are now!

Nick had Friday day shift off which was awesome, so we spent the better part of our day at the beach and the pool.  The dog obviously loved it and we were able to spend some good quality time together.  He surprised me with an awesome date to sushi and then was off to work for night shift.  {They actually called the freeway closure on the 405 "jamzilla" and his work was totally the reason the freeway was shut down!}

Sunday we spent the morning at the Ojai farmer's market.  Think of your typical hippie town with all those incense scents and everything is organic and there are like no trash cans, but only recycle bins- that's Ojai.  They had awesome produce at the market though!  We ended up getting a loaf of bread, a berry cherry pie, and some olive tapanade.  

Can I just ramble for a quick sec?  I feel so blessed to have the family I have and am so thankful for all of the little moments with them that make life feel so special.  That's how I have been feeling the last few weeks and have just been soaking it all in.  Nothing out of the ordinary or too special has been happening, but I don't really think it has to in order for life to just feel spectacular.

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