December 14, 2014

A time to reflect

As this year comes to a quick close, I find myself reflecting.  Life is funny, isn't it?  The days seem slow, yet the years seem to fly.  And as time passes us by, some self-examination seems perfectly natural and very important.  2014 was a big year for my little family.  It's hard to believe that the year started with our home being in California and here we are now living in the Pacific Northwest gearing up yet again for another move.  This year was so good.  I learned so much.  About myself.  About my husband.  About home.  About life and growing up and being comfortable to just be who I am.  

It's hard to explain, but as I grow older and am forced to "grow up" with moving away from all that I know, I realize that God is working.  My creator is showing me more of the beauty He has created in me and through me.  And how He wants to use that in each new place I go.  Wherever I am, the places that I go, I'm there for a purpose.  Even now, I struggle to find the words to describe what it is I want to say.  

It's easy for us to look at ourselves and compare what we see to those around us.  I've been getting sick of it.  Trying to appeal to certain type of people, trying to fit in, not being who we are because we are afraid of what others may see- or worse yet, what we may find.  There is only one you.  Only one me.  If we were all the same and everyone tried to act the same way then how boring that would be.  And what a waste!  We are created uniquely.  And one of the greatest gifts that I have been given in 2014 is the peace God has given me in knowing that I am wholly loved by Him and uniquely created to do life as myself by being who He made me.     

As the sun sets on this year, I am grateful for the growth that has happened, but still find myself looking to grow in new ways and mature in this area as well.  2015 is going to be such an awesome year and I don't want to waste a single second worrying over something I can't control and in the end is meaningless anyway.  Love God.  Love well.  Love big.  And let everything else go.

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  1. i always grew up thinking a person had to be quite old in years to be so wise but since i've known. you, iknow the trust you have in ourLORD IS THE REASON YOU ARE SO WISE. I LOVE YOU MORE THAN YOU'LL EVER KNOW, JENNIFER JOHNSON. don.t move too far...remember how old i am and i want to see you know who!!!lol


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