March 9, 2015

16 weeks with baby J

First of all, this picture makes the baby bump look WAY bigger than it really is, but it's definitely starting to pop!

Man oh man, things have been crazy over here.  What seems like non-stop business trips for the hubby, 4 family birthdays in less than a week, doc appointments, and this ever-growing belly of mine.  I like it though.  I've definitely had days where I had to convince myself that I'm not fat, and am just pregnant.  It can be kind of hard to watch your body stretch and change, and yet it's really amazing at the same time.  I know that I will only be more amazed as it gets really big!  :)  Time is seriously flying.  I can't believe I'm already 4 months into this, and as we gear up to move into a different place, I'm trying to remember that amongst the crazy to just enjoy the ride.  :)

How far along?  16 weeks

How big is baby?  an avocado

Maternity clothes?  the family I nannied for in California sent me my first maternity shirt last week.  :)  I'm still wearing my non-maternity clothes though.

Sleep:  hit and miss.  my back is starting to hurt and that can affect whether or not I sleep well.  also, it's bathroom break central over here in the middle of the night!

Movement:  I felt one teeeeeeny tiny little punch in the tummy when I was laying really still when I woke up!  mostly just feeling "butterflies" right now which I hear is the first start of feeling the baby- I love it!  I can't wait to feel it move all the time!

Food cravings:  a couple weeks ago I was really craving gummy bears, then I got some and they were gross haha.  I haven't really had any cravings since then.

Any aversions:  still chicken and also bell peppers.  smells really bother me a lot too.

Gender:  don't know yet, but we find out soon!  Any guesses?

Pregnancy symptoms: I'm a weepy mess over here.  Emotions are on high alert and if you asked me to, I could probably cry on command. 

What I miss:  sushi and wine. also, being able to run longer distances without getting so tired.

What I'm looking forward to:  feeling baby kick!

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