October 9, 2012

10 reasons I love SoCal

1. The Weather 
 It is hot, hot, hot.  I cannot get enough of the sunshine and blue skies.  I mean I never have to worry about getting those goose-bumps I became so accustomed to in good ol' Oregon.

2. The People 
I have to admit I was nervous and skeptical to come down here.  Would I even be welcomed?  Aren't people in Southern California kind of rude?  Not anyone that I've met!  Everyone here has welcomed me with open arms and has helped me feel right at home. So thankful.

3.  The Grocery Stores
 I know this is a weird one, but coming from a place where really the only "not-so-standard" grocery store we have is Trader Joes, well this is huge.  There are like a million different options.  All kinds of stores that promote healthy eating with not too shabby of prices {another shock to me}.  My favorites are Fresh & Easy, and Sprouts.

4. The Endless Activities
 Honestly, there are a million and a half things to do down here.  I never feel like I get bored or can't go do something with Nick for the weekend.  

5.  The Hiking
We love to hike.  Although I will admit that the whole idea of rattlesnakes has sort of made me hesitant to go on an actual good hike down here.  But there are tons of trails and hikes up to the tops of the mountains to look out over the valleys.  I hear it's beautiful.  One of these days...

6.  Everyone seems to Exercise
Coming from an Exercise Science major, well this is my paradise.  I love to run.  It seems like every morning there are nearly as many, or more people out walking, biking, or running as there are people driving.  I love it.  My favorite is going on a run with hubby in the evenings.

7.  The Sunsets
Talk about gorgeous.  On our evening runs they are one of our favorite things to look at.

8.  My Job
I really love the work that I am doing and was totally blessed to get it during the first week that we lived here.  I am doing childcare at our church part-time and nannying part-time.  You know, getting that baby fix since it's going to be a while til I have one of my own.

9.  Calvary Community Church
This has probably been the biggest blessing of all.  We have joined a small group for young married couples, I am in a women's Bible study on Wednesday's and obviously we love the Sunday service.  It has been fantastic and the people are wonderful.

10. Last, but CERTAINLY not least...
I adore being able to be with my husband.  After months and months of a long-distance relationship, it is so nice to be here to cook him dinner, greet him when he comes home, and have his perfect face be the first and last thing I see each day.  I love him.  

Thanks California.          

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  1. One of my best friends recently moved to Southern California for school and she loves it. For a lot of the same reasons as you too. Glad you're loving where you live. :)

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