October 3, 2012

That day hubs played hooky and we...

Okay, okay so Nick didn't really play hooky, but he did have the day off so obviously we spent it doing what any normal people would do.  
That's right, folks.  We went to DISNEYLAND.

I'm starting to think I have some deep-seeded issue that I'm trying to resolve and missed out on something huge during my childhood.  The first time I ever went to Disneyland I was 19 and now I'm 22 and have been there 5 times.  Oops. 


We ended the day eating yogurt pretzels in bed and watching a movie.

Oh yeah.  Remember how I said we were going to a baseball game?  Here's some snapshots.  We were 3rd row back behind home plate at the Dodgers vs. Giants game.  So. Much. Fun.


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  1. I practically grew up on disneyland!!! I LOVE IT THERE. And everytime I visit my family back in California, I ALWAYS go. Always!!! But I dont have a good excuse like you ;)


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