January 11, 2013

Friday's Letters

Dear Los Angeles, your lights are beautiful at night.  Especially when there is no smog and driving to the top of a mountain is actually so worth it.

Dear husband, thank you for taking me on a surprise "date" last night and having dinner with me in the car overlooking that magnificent view.  It was totally romantic.

Dear running shoes, you make my feet as happy as a pair of shoes can.  Best. Investment. Ever.

Dear sweet Eva, babysitting you and your sweet baby sister is the highest honor.  I am so amazed by your little mind and imagination everyday.  You make me want to be better so that I can hopefully be a role model for you.  Who knew a 3 year old could be so inspiring?

Dear Gossip Girl, why I am so addicted to you and all of your drama?  And please come out with your latest season on Netflix.  I'm just about done and don't know what I'm going to fill my evenings with while hubby is out working.  Oh well, maybe I'll actually do something productive now.

Dear readers, thank you so much for supporting and taking time to stop by my little blog.  All of your comments are so appreciated and I don't tell you as much as I should that your encouragement is inspiring.

Dear weekend, I am so happy that you are finally here.  I mean seriously.  This is the first weekend in a couple months that hubs and I get to just do whatever we want and just be us.  The agenda: napping, tennis, running...oh really, anything we probably feel like. {and let's be honest it'll probably be mostly naps}

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  1. It's FINALLY the weekend! Slowest week of my life!

  2. So funny about Gossip Girl! I started back in the fall & was thankfully able to finish before the finale season ended! You should check out the CW's website. That's where I found parts of the final season. :) Isn't it addicting?! ;)

  3. So happy its the weekend! I used to be HOOKED on gossip girl... and pretty little liars! That is so sweet of your man to take you on a date night! :) yaayy for good men!

  4. Stopping by from Friday Letters. I always watch Gossip Girl on Netflix over Christmas. I can't wait for the latest season to come out either!

  5. I found you through Katy Stone's blog and I just loved the title of your blog - very cute! I also linked up with Friday Letters today. It's a small (blogging) world :)

  6. Found your adorable blog through Friday's Letters & have to comment on Gossip Girl- totally got into it on Netflix & it is so my guilty pleasure!! My husband makes fun of it constantly- but I can't help that I love Serena's fashion! And we just relocated to NYC, which makes it even more fun :)

  7. I love your heartfelt, thankful posts, Jenn! so refreshing and such a strong example of our faith.

    XO, Gina


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