January 10, 2013

just a few things

shirt: LoveCulture, jeans: Ilene's Boutique (LA), shoes: Macy's, pendant necklace: Brighton, cross necklace: shop in TO

Lately I've been getting back into the curly hair thing.  Let's hope it sticks because it's way easier than straightening it.

On a side note: we just got a juicer from some Christmas gift cards.  Feel free to send any favorite juice recipes this way!  So far we've tried a beet, carrot, apple juice and an orange, carrot juice.  

Happy Thursday- hang tight it's almost the weekend!


  1. I love the two necklaces together, and also the lace detail on the sleeves! Your curly hair is gorgeous.

  2. ahhh I LOVE juicing! happy juicing friend:)

  3. I always curl my hair! But yours look way better than mine :)

  4. you look gorgeous! You are such a natural beauty;-)

    XO, Gina


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