January 31, 2013

my parents came to visit. we took lots of pictures.

These past few days have been too good to me.  Having my parents in town was like a ray of sunshine into my otherwise typically routine life.  We had way too much fun together playing pinochle, exploring the city, and stuffing our faces full of food none of us ever usually eat.  I'm telling ya, it was the best.

My dad used to live in Southern California and this was one of his favorite places to go, so obviously we had to hit it up!  Come to find out, it's a Los Angeles classic.

This was the old historic spanish home that his grandmother bought and lived in until she passed.  My dad's mom and her family grew up there and then my dad lived there for a summer with my grandma.

 Fancy- shmancy.

Yes, this is what it looks like.  Perfect girls day! So. Much. Fun.

 Our seats.

We did a lot of antiquing while they visited.  Who knew there were so many hidden treasures here right in our backyard?  Nick and I will definitely be going back.

I seriously cannot believe how fast the time flew.  I feel refreshed after the past few days and absolutely can't wait for the next visit we have together!


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