January 30, 2013

the new mantle and my little project

I love this new canvas.  I wanted to add a different touch to the living room and the wall above the fireplace.  I looked hard for the perfect picture, chalkboard, or whatever and just couldn't find exactly what I wanted (it didn't help that I wasn't even exactly sure what I did want).  All I knew is that I wanted simple, neutral and a subtle pop of color.

So I decided to make this canvas.  It's just scrapbook paper that I adhered to the canvas with spray glue.  It kind of reminds me of an old map or journal or something because the writing is weathered.  And I picked up the letters from Michaels.  I dipped the feathers in gold paint and put them in these orange vases that I already had.  Eventually I might hang a rod above the canvas and hang the letters from it.  We'll see.

Isn't fun to dream up new ideas and re-decorate? :)

P.S.  This was my craft for January! Another goal down.  Feels so good. :)  If you have no idea what I'm talking about go here.

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