February 7, 2013

this girl

Yesterday all she wanted to do was cut my hair.  With real scissors mind you.  She told me that she wouldn't mess up because she doesn't mess up when she cuts her paper.  I had to gently decline that offer.

The next thing I know she is asking me (and her mother) when I will be her mommy.  Sorry my sweet girl, I can only be your babysitter and friend.  Not your mommy.

Then we go into this long monologue about crocodiles and how we better not pet them because they have sharp teeth and could bite.  But just maybe she could pull out his teeth.  Otherwise, we better only pet lions.

Then we create a new rendition of "Fly Me to the Moon" and play the guitar and dance around.  But we have to do it quietly otherwise we will wake up the babies (dolls).

Next we read some stories.  First I read, then she reads to me (it's a new story at that point).   But first we need our glasses and have to make funny faces.  Then it's back to the books.

Never a dull moment.  I just absolutely love and adore her and her sweet baby sister.


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