May 7, 2013

a little deeper + a challenge

As I sit here writing this, I can't help but reflect on the profound affect the message at church this week had on me.  Ephesians 5 was the passage, and living a life of constantly imitating and reflecting God was the message.

I so badly want my life to be different and to matter.  This is something I have been conscious of since high school and tried to achieve by living in a way that (hopefully) is loving to others, and sharing the joy that I have from the Lord. 

Because Christ first loved us, now we have the privilege and the responsibility to love others in a selfless and sweet way.  I am a child of grace and want to grab onto any opportunity to point to Jesus.  Usually I don't go this deep here on my blog, but why shouldn't I?  These have been thoughts I have been pondering more lately and then Sunday at church it all seemed to be a bit more real when the message just hit home for me.  I think I've been living in a lukewarm state, and I just want to scream at myself- WAKE UP!

So here's my challenge for you (more for me, but if you feel led, please join me!)- love people this week.  Not in a lovey-dovey-oo-la-la kind of way.  Or even in a she's-my-best-friend-of course-I-love-her kind of way.  But in those really hard moments when you want to get frustrated or say something negative whether it's at home, in the car, at work, or even just in your head.  Love the people this week that seem to be the hardest ones to love.  And when loving them, show them kindness, offer a smile, or even a compliment.  I have a feeling this could alter our thoughts, our actions will reflect Christ's gift to us, and in turn we will positively change the world around us.

I will try to keep you updated this week on how this is going for me!  Please leave in the comments below if you will be joining me and we can encourage each other.

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