May 6, 2013

we hopped in the car and headed to nowhere

I have a confession.  Yesterday I was in a bit of a slump and threw myself a pity party for feeling like I'm lacking time with my husband.  Being that he works graveyard, it makes our time together sweeter than ever when we actually get it. 

So yesterday, after Nick woke up we grabbed Brinkley's leash and blanket and headed to the car to drive to who-knows-where.  We ended up stumbling upon the most beautiful area in the Malibu Canyon and wound up at Pepperdine University. 

I'm tellin' ya, these Sunday drives just might quickly become a tradition.


  1. Malibu is so gorgeous...even on a cloudy day!
    Glad that you got to spend a fun day with your hubby.

  2. I'm sure those are the best kind of days! I used to dream of going to Pepperdine, the views are phenom. Somehow I didn't end up anywhere like it ;)

    xo Kylie Rae


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