May 21, 2013

Momma comes to town

I was beyond blessed this weekend with the presence of my wonderful mother.  Her visit was perfect and it left us wanting more.  Not being nearly long enough, I'm totally ready for July to be here so I can see her again.

We did basically all the things any girl would hope for.  Laid by the pool, shopped everyday until we dropped, ate lots of delicious food and treats (including Sprinkles Cupcakes!), saw celebrities, and hung out at the beach.  And of course Brinkley loved having a fun new grandparent in the house!

We went to The Grove, which has great shopping and also is home to the original farmer's market.

Love you Mom!  I can't wait to hang out again soon!


  1. So glad momma got to visit you guys! And, that little Brinkley is about the cutest little guy i've ever seen :)

    xo, Ky

  2. The Grove was my favorite place ever in LA (ok, the beach too!).
    Moms are making everything better, right?
    Have a great time :)


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