September 4, 2013

Johnson's Roadtrip Part 1

Hey friends!  Remember me?  That girl who used to blog all the time and then real life just sort of got in the way.  Well I'm back now, thanks to a little push too from some special people in my life.

Wayyyy back at the beginning of the year Nick and I had set a goal to plan a fun vacation together that we would go on this summer.  My brother-in-law was getting married at the end of August so it seemed like the perfect opportunity to plan a roadtrip from LA to Oregon and all the fun places in between. 

So, we packed up 4 suitcases, our dog, all of the dog's stuff, and lots of snacks and hit the road.

For the first 5 days of the trip we spent time with family and relaxing in our old home territory.

It was a wonderful time we were able to spend at home soaking up what is truly important in life. 

Then we headed off on our next adventure so stay tuned!

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