September 26, 2013

autumn to-do's

I really love all of the season's but Fall is by far the most comforting and brings me so much joy.  I love the decorations, the smells, the leaves crunching underfoot.  I mean what's not to love? 

Each year I get so excited about all of the fun things that Fall brings but sometimes it just feels a tad overwhelming and then I feel like nothing gets done.  So this year I've made myself an "Autumn To-Do" list in hopes that I'll accomplish some things.

Autumn To-Do's

Pick apples at the orchard
Go to the pumpkin patch
Make homemade apple cider
Bake pumpkin cookies
Watch a scary movie
Go on a hay ride
Carve a pumpkin
Glitter some pumpkins and gourds
Make caramel apples
Make a pinecone garland
Dress up for halloween

 Any to-do's for you this season?


  1. Pumpkin, pumpkin and more pumpkin! Many of the same To-Do's that are on your list :)

  2. LOVE this list. Fall really is the best time of the year:) I can't wait to take my little miss to the pumpkin patch..and homemade apple cider?! yum! You HAVE to share how that turns out!


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