September 30, 2013

Plaid + Polka Dots

{polka dot shirt: Gap, plaid shirt: AE (old), jeans: Gap, shoes: Toms, jewelry: gifted, sunnies: Target}

 I had the kind of weekend that you just want to throw in a glass jar, screw a lid on it, and savor forever.  It was awesome.  I've been really convicted lately to just rest.  So that is precisely what we did.  No agendas.  And it was quite refreshing if I do say so myself.  I've decided that the best way to enjoy life is to take each moment that happens as it comes and stop worrying about what's the future holds.  Not in a naive way of not planning for things, but just in the sense that I can't really control what's going to happen so why worry about it?  My goal is just to step back and enjoy each moment with each person in my life because really it's more important than all the other stuff.  So thoughtful ponderings like that happened in my time of resting and just being this weekend.  And besides the fact that the heat wave decided to come back for the last 2 days, I'd say it was pretty perfect.   

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  1. LOVE the outfit. So stinking cute :)

    Also loving what you've said about taking time to rest. I definitely need it!!


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