October 25, 2013

Friday's Letters

Dear Brinkley, my sweet furry little shadow, my how you have changed!  You're not so small that you fit into my lap anymore, but I don't think you know that yet.  Dear hubs, thank you so much for making dinner last night when I had to work late.  Even though you'd had a tough day and threw out your back, you still manage to provide.  You're a blessing and you rock.  Dear pillow, you're my favorite thing in the whole wide world this week.  Dear responsibilities, sorry you got put on the back burner this week.  My book was just too good that I couldn't put it down.  Dear Momma, you inspire me everyday.  You are an amazing role model and I am amazed by your strength and dignity in the Lord.  I love you.  Dear laundry,  you're a chore I don't normally mind doing, but this week I want to squish you and hide you forever.  Dear Autumn, welcome to California.

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  1. So sweet for your husband to make you dinner! Can we please create a laundry machine that just folds and does it all for you!? Agree with the weather, I think it's similar down in here in Texas (right now at least), finally some cool air has arrived! xo


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