October 21, 2013

a good weekend + 10 things


Our weekend consisted of nothing too exciting.. work, exercise, walk the dog, eat, repeat.  But Sunday after church we decided to venture to Malibu for a while.  It felt like a total tropical paradise down there!  Last time we went to this particular beach, there were all kinds of rocks and ick (yes ick!) all over the sand, but as you can see here it all went back out to sea.  The sun was shining, the sand was hot, doggy played, we splashed in the waves and held hands the whole time.

And to spice it up a bit, here's a little piece of 10 things I am loving lately.

  1. Being social media free for a whole day or weekend.  It really helps clear my mind and refocus on what really matters.
  2. Trail mix.  It doesn't help that my grocery store carries literally 15 different kinds in bulk.  danger!
  3. Getting back into a solid workout routine- get it!
  4. Bananas. Okay not really...I've never liked bananas unless they are baked into something totally bad for you like bread or cake.  But I like to pretend I like them so I eat one a day.
  5. Reading.  I've definitely re-discovered my nerdy side and spend more time in books or at the library than I do on technology.
  6. Having my husband back home.  He went on a business trip last week and I missed him lots.
  7. Snuggling with said husband.
  8. Wearing my Christmas jammies...I know it's too early, but at least I'm not listening to Christmas music yet right?
  9. Walking barefoot in the sand.
  10. Skyping with friends and family whom I miss dearly so far away.


  1. What a great picture of the beach! :) I actually DO love bananas..especially in smoothies. and I'm glad I'm not the only one with Christmas on my mind. ;)

  2. I love reading about your simple weekends. You and Nick sure seem to have the sweetest of times together and they make me smile! Hope all is well in SoCal :)

    xx, Kylie Rae

  3. Simple weekends are the best weekends. Skype sessions sometimes are daily with family far away so I know what you mean! And everyone needs a social media free weekend every once and a while:) Totally agree. xo


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