November 1, 2013

Fridays Letters + November Goals

Dear California, I am really loving you this time of year.  I love waking up to the cool crisp mornings and filling my lungs with fresh air on my walks around the neighborhood.  I also love that even though it's cold you still have palm trees that make me feel like I'm on a constant vacation.  Dear Friday, thank you for being here.  Dear husband, I am so glad that we got to spend so much time together yesterday and this weekend.  It's been so fun hanging out more with you lately.  Dear October, I can't believe you're already over?!  Where did the time go? But hey, dear November, bring on the holidays, family time, and baking!

November Goals
  • bake pumpkin muffins
  • take a trip to Oregon to spend Thanksgiving with family
  • be better about responding to emails, texts, calls, etc. (sorry if you've been on the receiving end of my horrible response time to any of those!)
  • clean out my closet and give away some of my clothes
  • continue exercising at least 4 times/week
  • teach Brinkley to walk better on a leash
  • attend a baby shower for a friend
  • start Christmas shopping
  • attend all of our Financial Peace classes
  • adhere to our budget and diligently use the envelope system
  • journal once a week
  • write a letter to a friend

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  1. What great goals! Taking the Dave Ramsey Financial Peace class has been on my "to-do" list for awhile, I'd love to hear your thoughts on it when you're finished.


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