November 25, 2013

wishful winter and thoughts on snow

I am not one to easily admit to wishing for cold weather, but it usually hits me about this time of year when I start seeing pictures pop up on Instagram or Facebook of people getting their first snowfall of the season.  I'm not even sure why I miss it so much because I am always a cheerleader for sunshine and beaches.  But I think it reminds me of my childhood in Indiana and staying inside watching snow peacefully fall to the ground with my brother.  Or drinking homemade hot chocolate from my mom and building a fire.  Or making snowmen in the middle of a blizzard with my dad (or really anyone in the family for that matter).  I guess I'm just pouting a little bit if I'm honest.  Sometimes I miss those days.  And living a thousand miles from family and in Southern California...well, I had just better stop moping and just make myself a darn cup of hot cocoa and pop in a Christmas movie!  That will solve almost anything. :)

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