December 2, 2013

A little travel + December goals

I hope that you all had an amazing Thanksgiving weekend!  I know I did.  We hopped on a plane early Thursday morning and got to my parents house in Oregon in time for a delicious Thanksgiving feast.  The weekend featured games, too much food,  quality time with family and loved ones, and relaxing to the point of no return.  It was everything a Thanksgiving weekend should be, and to say I'm grateful for it is a massive understatement.  

Holidays tend to feel a little different after moving a thousand miles away from family.  So I was really excited on Saturday when my parents and brother surprised Nick and I and we got to help them decorate the Christmas tree!  Some of my favorite memories growing up are found in that special occasion.  And of course Brinkley loved it and I think he wanted to carry the whole tree away thinking it was a toy, haha.  

This week I am up in Bellevue, WA at a work conference for my hubby.  Lots of relaxation, activities, and meetings happening this week.  And!  I can't believe it's the beginning of December.  Blows my mind.  This time of year I find it hard to be motivated to keep goals and even want to try to make them.  But it's still super important, so in keeping with it here are my December goals.

December Goals:
  • host a Christmas party for our small group
  • bump up my running time to 45 minutes 3x/week
  • read a book
  • lift weights 3x/week
  • make a lovely Christmas dinner for Nick and I (it's actually our first Christmas where we will be home together just the two of us so I'm excited!)
  • be diligent in sticking to the budget
  • begin working on sewing together my new quilt project
  • take a bubble bath
  • finish all Christmas and December/January birthday shopping and get everything shipped on time
What are your December goals?

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  1. Love that you added take a bubble bath into the mix, I should have put that in my list too. The holiday season is always super busy and crazy.


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