January 23, 2014

Beach day in January


I realize I've been lacking on my posting lately, however things should be picking up here in the next few weeks.  Lots of things have been happening in this little life of mine and I'll be sharing some of that later.

Anyway, here's a little glimpse into some random stuff I've been up to lately.

- Farmer's market fresh flowers are on my top 10 list of favorite things ever.  They last so long, are super cheap, way prettier than store bought blooms and make my home smell SO good!
- I cannot get enough of this blog here. I'm seriously drooling over her pictures.
- My poor hubby has to work such long hours.  So the nights when we get some extra time together we've been super into playing games like backgammon, canasta, and cribbage.  We totally age ourselves like 50 years, but whatevs.
- I actually quit my job.  It's sort of a bittersweet situation, but I'm excited for the next adventure of moving to a new place and exploring new things.
- Brinkley is the best cuddler on the planet. Hands down. The best.
- The above photos were snapped last week on an 85 degree day in Malibu. 'Twas a perfect January day I tell you.

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  1. Oh my gosh I can't begin to describe how jealous I am! The beach in January? Lucky!


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