May 27, 2014

I've got SO MANY pictures and updates to share

I'M ALIVE!  Wow, what a month this has been!  A whirlwind, exciting, emotional, and crazy month of learning.  Since my last post, I have packed, moved, unpacked, learned a new city (still learning!), and gotten a new job.  In between all of that, Nick and I have learned a lot about leaning on each other and really have realized how home really is wherever we are together.  We miss California dearly, but are starting to warm up to our new life in the pacific northwest.

I know I've been silent around this little blog of mine, but I have been updating my Instagram account, so if you're wanting to follow more closely, follow me there!  Now that we have internet, I will be posting on here more often too.  I never got around to posting my birthday wine-tasting recap, our last California getaway, or any of the other things that we've been up too, so I thought now would be a good time to just lay it all out there.  This post is everything-but-the-kitchen-sink so... here ya go!

P.S.  I know I didn't post my May goals, but I did write them down and am doing well!  I'll update you with my June goals post next week!

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These are from my birthday and trip to California wine country- it was amazing!

  These next pictures are from a stunning hike we did in the Santa Monica mountain range. 
We went to the highest point in the whole range and could see the whole Los Angeles and 
surrounding valleys.  And on the other side we could see out to the ocean and Malibu, 
Oxnard, and the Channel Islands Harbor.  It was GORGEOUS!

  This is from one of our last days down in L.A. and we spent it at the Santa Monica promenade- 
one of our favorite places.

  Of course I had to include the pup.  I am convinced that he misses the beach as much as I do.

  But then we got to Oregon and to my parents' farm, and he seemed to be fine.  Haha.

  Our new view of the water isn't the beach, but instead the riverfront.

  We spent a little bit of time last weekend relaxing and going wine tasting again, but this time in 
the Willamette Valley.  Such a fun time with the hubby.

  Picturesque scenery on my new favorite morning walk.

  Decided to take advantage of the fresh strawberries last weekend and make a batch of homemade 
delicious jam.  We've already gone through almost an entire jar, this stuff is addictive!

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