June 2, 2014

Summer! And June Goals


I love June.  I love that summer is nearly here.  I love the anticipation of camp-outs, tans, and s'mores.  Not to mention, the beach, the abundance of fresh produce, and the refreshing feeling of once again starting a new season and a whole new box of memories.  

Doesn't it make you excited?!  Nick and I have actually made a bucket list for Summer 2014 (to be shared in another post!), and plan to soak up every ounce of time and make as many memories as we can.

I've also made my own personal goals as I always try to do for each new month.  I have a feeling June is going to be special!

June goals:
  •  15 in 12: finish Disciplines of a Godly Woman and read 15 Minutes
  • make a trip to central Oregon and go paddle boarding
  • have a garage sale
  • read Leviticus, Galatians, Song of Solomon, and Obadiah
  • strength train 3x/week
  • run 20 miles/ week
  • go on a new hike with Nick
  • have 5 social media free days
  • turn all electronics off by 8:30 pm
  • plant a patio flower "garden"
  • do a 10 day sugar fast
  • stick to our budget
Do you have any goals for June or even things you'd like to do this summer?  Leave a comment and let me know so I can follow along with you! :)

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