July 25, 2014

Johnson's Do B.C. {Whistler} pt. 2

 Can I start off by saying that British Columbia is so much fun and so beautiful? Good!  Because it is!  The last half of our trip was spent in Whistler Village and exploring the mountain and some of the different hikes it had to offer.  We could've spent our whole summer there and still wouldn't have been able to see everything!

Before we got there, I had totally forgotten that Whistler/Vancouver is where the 2010 winter Olympics were held.  So when we arrived, I was completely thrilled to see some of the displays still up.  I was totally touristy and had to get pictures of all that stuff. haha.

Most of Friday was spent hiking around to different lakes and parts of the mountain.  The loop we did was about 8 miles and along the way we saw some of the prettiest golf courses, the coolest hiking bridges, beautiful parks, and some of the most amazing waters I've ever seen.  The water in one lake was crystal clear and then a couple miles away was Green Lake and the water was literally green.  It didn't look dirty and there was no algae.  It was gorgeous. 

We got there just in time to see an plane take off from on the water!  It flew right above where we were sitting. 

Saturday we headed out to Olympic Park.  We got to see where the high ski jump took place (this picture doesn't do it justice at all- it was HUGE!), and we got to see where the biathlon happened.  When we got there, they even let us shoot the guns on the actual Olympic biathlon course and one of the athletes taught us.  It was so much fun!  Nick got 5/5 and I got 4/5..not too bad for first timers!  Then they let us hold the Olympic torch (yes it is real and was really used in the 2010 Olympics) and pose on the stand.  We loved it. ;)

 We had to snap a shot of this cute bear eating clover on the side of the road.

And I couldn't leave out my favorite candy that I found while there!  I sure wish they sold this in the U.S.


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