October 31, 2014

posture my heart

I am kind of unsure where to start with this post.  I know I need to write it but it's hard sometimes to face the brutal truth of your heart and struggles.  It's like a battle within yourself.  I guess I'll start with a little story.

 {photo taken at one of our hikes over the summer}

A few weeks ago on my day off work I went to the grocery store.  I'm one of those people who goes into the store on a mission.  I have my list that I so carefully planned, I bring my own bags, I want in and out as quickly as possible.  I showed up early that morning to get it done with for the day and as I was walking inside I noticed a girl standing outside of her car.  I shot her a quick smile thinking it was a little weird she was standing there and not doing anything, but I tried to be kind and was quickly on my way to grab a cart.  That's when I hear behind me an older lady asking her if everything is okay.  She was standing there with jumper cables just waiting for someone to help her because her car had died!  Are you kidding?!  Am I in that much of a hurry that I couldn't even notice that or offer to help?  It has been bothering me ever since.

You see, I've been praying and asking God to give me opportunities to show His love to others, even those I don't know.  And there He goes giving me an opportunity and I just walked right by it.  I hate that.  I hate knowing that I didn't do what He asked of me.  And I hate that feeling of guilt that I couldn't show that girl love.

I've been reading on hospitality.  I'm actually doing this study here if you'd like to join me.  Living a life of invitation.  Ahhh... Doesn't that sound refreshing?  Why are we so consumed with ourselves to even perform kind a gesture, offer a smile to a stranger, or have a new friend over for coffee?  My house doesn't need to be perfect all the time, it doesn't need to look like Pinterest dropped over and threw up on everything, life just doesn't have to be (or look) perfect.  Hospitality and invitation starts in the heart. 

A life of invitation begins in the soil of a heart cultivated by love of the Father.

Um, say that again.  My prayer is for my heart to be so postured toward heaven that I can do nothing except for invite people into His love.  Isn't that why we are here anyway?  Christ tells us to love one another.  He made time for little children and for the most out-there people of that time.  He invited them into His presence.  I only pray that He gives me the grace to invite them in too.

Lord, mold my heart into one that offers love and invitation to those around me.  Show me more that hospitality begins in the heart.  Not fancy parties, not in extravagant dinners, but in knowing that I can love others because you first loved me. 

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  1. Your prayer is my prayer too. And I've totally been in that moment of realizing that God has placed something directly in front of me and I was too consumed to notice. Luckily we serve a gracious God and He will give you many more opportunities :) I'm definitely going to look into that study you are working thru. Thank you so much! I love your blog. It's so real and refreshing!


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