July 26, 2015

36 weeks!


How far along?  36 weeks

How big is baby?  most babies right now are about the size of a canteloupe, however after our appointment last week, we were told that our baby is measuring a little on the smaller side of the spectrum (doc said this might help during labor!)

Total weight gain/ loss: almost 30 lb gain

Maternity clothes?  it's either that or pj's or nick's shirts haha

Sleep:  baby is definitely keeping me up a lot more now.  I get up usually twice during the night and it seems to take longer to get back to sleep...probably because it's harder to get comfortable :)

Best moment this week:  ultrasound and hearing baby's heartbeat

Movement:  oh ya! usually baby is hanging out in my right ribs and it likes to stick it's little arms and legs out of my belly which really creeps dad out ;)

Food cravings:  not really.  in fact I don't feel hungry most of the time, but when I am I usually enjoy some fruit

Any aversions:  nope

Gender:  still a surprise!  I have to say that I am SO HAPPY we didn't end up finding out- it's been so much fun and is making it even more exciting!!

Labor signs:  pelvic pressure and lots of braxton hicks

Pregnancy symptoms:  I just started having swelling in the last couple of days, especially when walking a lot.  heartburn is easing up a bit, waddling is the new swag these days, SO MANY bathroom breaks (I swear I go and not even 5 minutes later I feel like I never went haha), and by the end of the day it becomes very difficult to bed over to even tie my shoes haha

What I miss:  my clothes, cooler weather

What I'm looking forward to: meeting our little one!

Upcoming appointments/ events:  we have an appointment every week now til baby's birthday

Milestones:  we have almost made it to full term and I'm considering that a full on accomplishment :)


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