January 8, 2013

oh how the sea calms me

Saturday we made a somewhat spontaneous trip down to Malibu.  The sea {okay let's be honest. all bodies of water} seems to have some kind of effect on me and every time I just soak in the view a kind of peace comes over me.  It's like I can just think or just be still and in that moment everything is okay.  Do I sound crazy? 

Anyway, we had a super fun time.  We only really stayed for the sunset, but we did have our first ever dolphin sighting!  That was so cool.  I literally want to live on that beach so that I can see the dolphins everyday.  And there is camping out allowed, so the possibility of that happening is very real.  Unfortunately I wasn't able to catch the dolphins very well on the camera, but trust me when I say it was the coolest thing ever.


  1. You are beautiful.
    What a gorgeous scene to look out to!

  2. The ocean is truly beautiful! I could lay on the beach for hours :)


  3. Aww LOVE these photos, I love spontaneous trips, They always make for the best memories.

  4. Beautiful pictures! Thanks for sharing :)

  5. So peaceful and lovely!



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