April 5, 2013

My 23rd Birthday!

Birthdays are a big deal in this house.  I mean big.  Yesterday was my birthday and what better way to celebrate than at the happiest place on earth?  

Yes, I mean Disneyland!

My coworkers are seriously the best, you guys.  They all pitched in and got me a ticket and not only that, but also allowed me a day with my husband.  We haven't seen much of each other lately, so needless to say this day was so refreshing, fun, and everything wonderful for us.

why yes, that is a candy necklace that we both ate before we even rode the first ride.  priorities people.


Sorry there aren't a lot of pictures, we had too much fun doing other stuff that we sorta forgot. ;)
It was the best birthday!

And happy weekend! xoxo  


  1. NO WAY! That would be the best birthday ever for me too! hands down!

  2. I LOVE Disney. BEST BIRTHDAY EVER. Maybe I can convince hubs to take ME there next year? Happy 23rd Momma! Enjoy it!

  3. I AM SO JEALOUS! Disneyland is my favorite! Happiest Birthday to you, sweet Jenn!!!

  4. Happy birthday!! Sounds like it was a perfect way to celebrate turning 23!

  5. Yay! So glad you guys got a day to celebrate and enjoy one another. How about that cars ride, ehhh?! ;)

    xo Ky

    1. Also know that I nominated you for a Liebster Award! Stop by Shimmer Me Pretty to view and accept if/when you have time :) Hope you and Nick had a relaxing weekend!


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