June 9, 2014

A weekend in the desert (with about a thousand pictures)

This weekend Nick and I decided that we needed some serious time outdoors and some much needed quality friend time.  So we packed our bags and headed to central Oregon's high desert.  On Saturday we hiked to some waterfalls, swam, and got tons of sun.  Brinkley made a new best friend (with my best friend Lauren's dog), and we discovered that he is the poster child for water dogs.  (Which is crazy, considering a year ago he wouldn't even go near a puddle.)  He swam to his little heart's content, and we loved every second of him being exhausted that evening so that we could recover from a long day.

Saturday night there was a forest fire that lit up the whole sky with bright colors and smoke.  No editing needed.  


Sunday we went for a hike along a different river trail and explored various parts of the forest, river, and lakes.  The scenery was absolutely stunning.

We ended the day with an acai bowl.  The perfect healthy snack for a fitness-packed weekend.  We are already planning our next trip in a few weeks and can't wait to go back!

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