February 11, 2017

Baby 2: 26 weeks

Am I seriously almost to the third trimester of this pregnancy already?!  The time is flying right before my eyes!  I have documented exactly 0 pictures of this precious baby boy growing in my belly, and figured it was about time I write some things down and photograph it so I remember it all.

How far along?  26 weeks

How big is baby?  the size of a butternut squash

Total weight gain/ loss:  I don't have a scale, but last appointment I'm up about 17 lbs

Maternity clothes?  Some maternity and some non maternity.  I'm carrying different this time around so I'm able to have more choices

Sleep:  It's taking me a while to fall asleep, but not due to pregnancy, just because my other child wakes up when I'm falling asleep ha!

Best moment this week:  When Addy came up to my belly, lifted my shirt, said the baby's name, kissed him and gave him a hug, and he kicked back!

Movement:  Kicking and punching like crazy!

Food cravings: This one has been weird.  I've been mostly craving granola, yogurt and fruit.  Then I randomly get the craving for cinnamon rolls, maple syrup and spicy chinese food (not together, ha!)

Any aversions:  not really

Gender: BOY!

Labor signs:  nothing yet

Pregnancy symptoms: achy back, heartburn

What I miss: wine

What I'm looking forward to:  Addy meeting her baby brother

Upcoming appointments/ events: glucose test next week

Milestones: only 2 weeks left in the second trimester!

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