March 8, 2017


Our favorite place to go in Kauai was Hanalei.  I'm seriously obsessed with that cute town and would move there in a heartbeat if I could.  They also have THE BEST bakery and coffee shop there and we picked up a couple of loaves of their fresh homemade bread.  We also ate at the fresh fruit stand on a regular basis and got smoothies and acai bowls every time.  I think it's safe to say we love food ha!

Anyway, right outside of Hanalei was our favorite beach- Tunnels Beach.  The water was so blue and clear, it was beautiful.  We saw a few turtles which was so fun for all of us.  The sand was really soft and there were lots of shells, perfect for Addy.  There was also a little inlet that the kids could safely play in.  Even though this isn't the town we stayed in, we spent the majority of our trip on this part of the island and at Tunnels Beach- it was that amazing!

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